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Linux Sendmail+Dialup mini-HOWTO

Leif Erlingsson <>, Jan P Tietze <>, Vincent Zweije <>

v1.00, 4 July 1998, sendmail 8.8.8

This mini HOWTO describes some basic configurations that are necessary to make sendmail work comfortably in the typical at-home situation: a single machine with a dialup connection to Internet. The most important features described are (1) queuing remote mail while local mail is delivered immediately, (2) preventing sendmail from causing spurious triggering of the dialup connection, and (3) providing automatic address translation on all outgoing mail.

1. Introduction

2. NON dial-on-demand solutions PART

3. Dial-on-demand solutions PART

4. Delivering e-mail

5. Automatic Masquerading (Address Translation)

6. Glossary

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