Disaster Recovery - Feedback from Bryan Sapot

Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 00:52:50 -0500

That was a very good article I enjoyed it.

I have one thing to add.

Disaster Recovery:

Last year I was upgrading our HP 9000's from HPUX 9.04 to 10.20 and one of the people working with me accidentally did a rm -rf / as root. This was, as you know, not good. Anyway the system was still running with no files at all on the hard drives except certain ones that were in use. But this machine was NFS mounted by one of our development machines and I was able to copy over the commands I needed to restore a full backup tape and continue with the upgrade. All went well after that and now the machine has been up ever since.

You mentioned that it is not easy to repair or restore NTFS partitions if something goes wrong. In my experiences with NT, I have never been able to recover from anything like this. On NT I have never found a way to completely restore the system from tape. In contrast with Unix you can boot to an "emergency shell" (with floppy,tape or CD-ROM) restore from tape and reboot and you are all good as new.

We only use NT because we have to and it will be completely phased out by the end of the year.

I hope I did not miss this part in your article if you covered it.

Thank You,


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