No tool for finding largest directory in NT - Feedback from Christoph Kuhnke

Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 16:42:21 +0000

I agree with Tim Newsham, that the list of BSOD-reasons is far too short compared to the five reasons listed for a system halt on a UNIX server. Perhaps you could cite the Microsoft bug-reports being indexed by some letters and at least a four-digit number.

In your complains about missing disk quotas on NT you forgot to mention, that there's not even a tool to find out the biggest directory on a drive. Under unix you simply can use du * | sort -n. On NT you'll have to

My opinion to the over-stressed phrase of NT's simplicity because of it's GUI compared to unix configuration by editing ascii files is the following: On unix soon a point is reached where a novice gets stuck and an expert is needed to solve certain problems. NT's GUI provides both types of users with the same possibilities but the expert can do no better than the novice.

To my person:

I'm 29 years old.
I studied computer science ("Informatik") at a german university.
I'm working in IT business for over 2 years now.
Right now I'm employed for a small company working offering an authoring system for large hypertexts running on windows platforms. Like all other guys from university I'm missing the pleasure of working with a unix system. For our customers, for testing and developing we need windows knowhow. But to enable day-to-day business the technical staff is fighting for linux at increasing intensity.

Until then:

Over all the ad-pollution and commerce-spam I nearly forgot about the excitement being radiated by the internet in it's early days. The spirit of freedom, of solidarity and consensus in the meaning of facts and objective insights. To put it pathetically, one could even speak of a "new age feeling".

Reading your words I felt these forgotten vibrations again, getting stronger with every page. So many people can't go wrong and I feel confirmed again in my opinion that the days of Gate's Empire are counted.

I consider the trials concerning Microsoft and the Browser-War before court as minor battles compared to the whole story that's going on across the whole internet.

It's the same as with communism, although I do not want to politicise this theme. Look at the former soviet union, look at what was called DDR [GDR, East Germany].

Nobody, no company, no nation and no religion can imprison so many people their ideas, their longing for freedom, generally any entropy forever.

It might last years, decades or even centuries (although we'll not hope this for the case of Microsoft and their products from hell). Anyway there'll come a point where all those jammed inventions and innovations will break free for the good or bad, to end the anger and frustration over blinker-like views and actions following strategies that are known as false to everyone.

Christoph Kuhnke

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